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Minecraft Server Status

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Why is the forum dead? People need to start saying stuff!!!


  • No one has been on the server for months. I have at most seen me and 1 other person online. The forum will pickup when player activity on the server increases.
  • forum is not dead i check it daily
  • Forum is my homepage for both pc and cell. We all may check it often but if no one is online conversation will always be low.
  • i check the forum daily, and I log on every now and then to say hi to people. nothing is dead, just postponed.

  • Watching our server and other servers activity levels there seems to be multiple causes of the low activity. 1. Its summer even with people in school now many people are doing activities with people that leave little time for gaming. 2. We are at the end of 1.8 heading toward 1.9 and we will see a surge of activity when 1.9 comes out. We are not dead just in a calm period.

  • I've been pretty busy with work the past few months, but still check here every so often. Hope to see you all in game soon :)
  • Even I still check it
  • i still spy :p
  • hacks from across the ocean
  • my hands are full hunting monsters, getting away from minecraft because im burnt out, and going to dive deep into mario maker when it comes out in a few days. 
  • So... how's everyone doing? As I said I've been working a lot, but also getting to play some MGS5 and CSGO when I have the time. I'm also dog-sitting for my sister's Shih Tzu puppy this weekend. I think he might be insane.
  • I've been playing LoL and the grand strategy games EU4 and CK2. Small dogs are always insane its a law or something.
  • Mario maker, D3 and MH4, and I just quit my job yay! Take that society. 
  • I think we need a group project.  Something organizationally simple that doesn't rely on any individuals to get it done, so it's not crippled as people come and go and participation can be casual.  Some kind of overriding design and oversight, but with the details left up to the people doing the work.  No plots, just one bombastically big build, one that might even draw attention.

  • I would be all for that, but I dont want to be the organizer.
  • edited September 2015
    would be sweet in creative. what if we did something like this: we pick an overall theme, nothing too limiting, something very broad, and then each person contributes a section of it till its done, so when you go to build on it, you just take how it looks at the time, and continue with it how you see fit...

    kind of like how a group would tell a story a few sentences at a time, each person would build a portion of the structure until its completed. 
  • I have been gone =)
    it might be time to start looking up what is broken in the pit and fix it all haha.... ; ;
  • I've been gone cause my computers still broke :/ though I think I have the stuff to fix it now so I might be getting back on soon :)
  • my computer is broke, so I'm playing on a potato. Just bought some computer parts so by monday i'll be able to have a brand new gaming computer. my computer atm has been so laggy even downloading stuff is tedious.
  • I follow the forums, been busy with work and school. Would like to play if someone I know is on. Don't like to play alone.
  • Give me a few days and I think I should be on at nights again
  • 1.9 looks exciting. I want to fly!

  • ubu, can you run the server on the latest snapshot?  Or is it only major updates?
  • Plugins won't work for snap shots so we really cannot.
  • Ya it is unfortunate. I was thinking of building a gliding area though so when 1.9 is ready we can have some fun.
  • brbdogsonfire GET ON SURVIVAL please

  • By the way...

    "I'm not dead yet!" -The Forums
  • Sorry I've been quite busy I'll try and be on later today.
  • Maybe holiday advertising?
  • I'll throw an ad up in Reddit. Any one should feel free to advertise as well.
  • So does this mean it's dead again?
  • I am upon to ideas. 
  • what kind of ideas are you upon?
  • We are open* to ideas
  • No Pyro stop putting words in my mouth we are upon ideas! But really I have the next month after Friday off classes it's a good time to recruit. The more activity I get from all of the server the more time I can justify putting in.
  • I'm pretty sure that's means people need to be playing on the server and commenting on this forum and stuff like that
  • lets do stuff
  • I've been on here and there over the last week and have seen a new member and that is it.
  • I agree with Ubuntuguru, I think we should definitely do stuff.
  • then stuff it is

  • All the stuff? Or just some?
  • stuffy stuff stuff
  • We should all just get on instead of being on the forum it will be more effective.
  • cluck moo cluck
  • That is better thank you.
  • I'm heartbroken. I can't get online. It hurts in the man feelings. 
  • No. It's "cluck cluck the holy fowl"
  • edited December 2015
    I'm done with classes, all my work projects have entered the testing phase (meaning I don't have to do jack if none of my work breaks), and most importantly I think I've almost finished squeezing every drop of content that I can out of Fallout, so I have a lot more free time now.

    So I agree with Ubu, let's do stuff.

    I think videos are a good idea, both for fun and for attention, and quick-and-dirty disorganized craziness is always popular and relatively easy, but that's a multi-person job - if anyone's up for it.  The more batshit insane, the better.  For example: videos showcasing people's work (until the crew runs into something weird deeper inside), or "tutorials" where everything goes horribly wrong.

  • my maze might work for that. (shameless plugin go!) It's not only difficult but there are a number of signs that you can find as you progress that get more and more insane. I wouldn't even have to go in and do anything to it. 
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