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Server Spawn Suggestion

With new players always coming on, I think we should add some tools at spawn... 
  1. Command blocks that teleport you to major residences and warps 
  2. more clarifying rules (perhapes in 3D) 
  3. List of starting command for residences, chest, etc. 
 Adding these could make a better spawn :)


  • edited September 2015
    I think 1 could be cool if we set up some kind of system where people can request to be added to the residence list. This way if you dont want to, you can avoid it. 

    I agree with clarifying the rules a bit, maybe updating them where needed, but we don't need them in 3d. 

    Starting command lists for residences and chests should be put into a book and given that way, so its on hand where ever the player may go. Isn't that already done? or am I thinking of another server?
  • Your righ about the list of residences, but new players would want a list of major residences; such as cromwell, skygrinder, and warps like the gold grinder. The 3D rules might be cool though, using armor stands. It would make people interested in learning the rules, where a bunch of signs aren't very appealing. 
  • Good idea bugs. 
  • I can get behind that
  • edited September 2015 ;

    There would be a command block, telling you the rule, instead of the sign.
  • your link is not a link but a link of a link that doesnt link.
  • oh rats. 
     If that doesn't work, I built it on my ship on the creative server. /warp bugsship and follow the arrows.
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