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Hey there!

Quick update, finished my GCSEs, got my results: 2 Bs, 5 Cs, 1 Ds and 2 BTECs. Applied for sixth form and got accepted :D so now im doing my A-levels studying IT, RE and media studies.

How have you all been? a while since i last spoke to any of you!


  • That is graduating high school effectivly correct?
  • I have no idea what that means, but good job!
  • only 2 BTEC:s?

    I got like 200 of those things laying around in my basement. 
  • Yeah basically, going into year 12. not sure what that is in america.
    thank you!
    i doubt that, that means you would have to have done 200 classes XD
  • two hundred and fourty-seven to be exact. would be fourty-eight but I dropped out of networking 2. I don't like networking.
  • Lol a brother of mine is doing networking and might be offended of that
  • you've done 248 classes?
  • edited October 2015
    The amount of classes started as a joke, but I can assure you I have taken more than i'd like to count.

    I'm 32 years old with two degrees. I've also taken classes in security and surveillance technologies, managing and teaching for unarmed security, logistical analysis, and law representation for both private sector and Nevada Gaming. That is a brief overview of my credentials, but they extend a whole lot further. 
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