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Pyro's Star Destroyer Needs Workers

Pyro_Clasm started work on a massive Star Destroyer a while back.  That beast has grown into the largest single structure on our map, and it's meant to become an attraction for the server.  When I say it's big, I mean it's a ginormous whopping colossus of a build.  It's big.

You can see it by going to /warp sd.  You can imagine what "sd" stands for.  We take no responsibility if it melts your client or screen.

Pyro has worked his ass off on it, and many of us have helped, but more work is needed.  When you go to the warp, you'll see a bunch of chests filled with a bunch of stone blocks, so people can place a bunch of those stone blocks.  Feel free to be one of those people.

It's very easy at this point.  The area to be built is on a slope, and the edges of the slope have already been laid out.  All you have to do is look at what's filled in and continue that pattern, moving towards the front.  If you screw up and cannot fix it yourself, just report it here.  If you have a badass idea, suggest it here but don't act on it without Pyro's permission.

If you don't want to help, but still want to stand in awe of the scope of Pyro's work, then feel free.  If you come to steal stone and then just leave with it, may the curse of a thousand flaming underwear weasels haunt your remaining days.  If you do help, let us know and I'm sure Pyro will compensate you with your name in lights or possibly a lap dance, his choice.


  • I think I'll go with the lights lol! If you have any questions about the pattern or anything really do ask me pls id rather not have to go through and spend hours fixing something that I didn't cause (I have already spent hours fixing my own mistakes so pls don't do something if you don't know how to) ehickey could you edit my region so people can enter? If not I'll do it next time I'm on
  • Post some pics
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