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Poultron Reactor Mk 3

I built something.  Don't ask why, because you don't want to know.

One thing I need to verify is that the redstone and ... fissile material...  doesn't overload other people's clients.

Please go to "/warp reactor" and let me know if your client slows down too much, and at what point in the building that happens.  Some lag is expected, but I need to see if it's minor or if it makes your client seize up and scream in tongues.

If going there immediately lags, or if you're feeling cautious, try /warp reactor_safe, which puts you a little further away.


  • i have absolutely zero lag when my internet is cooperating otherwise it essentially crashes my game

    meaning my client is fine
  • Mine lags a little closer around the building but its not that bad just annoying.

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