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  • Unarmed gladiatorial combat, with occasional variety, designed to attract new players (and give them a reason to keep coming back).

    Put two people on a tiny platform over a lethal drop, and let them duke/shove it out until someone dies or falls.  No weapons, armor, or enchantments.  A drifter-accessible audience area would make it easy for visitors to log in and watch, and any of them can be a contestant (via a mod teleporting them into the holding area).

    For bonus points, build it to support up to four simultaneous fights, and a way to move the winners together for the second and then final rounds.  Bonus bonus points if we can figure out a way to get command blocks to blast the Karate Kid soundtrack during fights.

    If it catches on and there's too many people wanting to be contestants, we can just drop them all into a big mosh pit and let them fight over a limited number of slots (while spectators watch).
  • Ehickey your doing it wrong. Also Stuffs. 
  • Stuff. I like the idea we could do 4 similiar arenas. Then one larger one for team fights or mosh pits.
  • STUFFS. Sweet idea ehickey so where should we put the arenas and how big do we want them and STUFF
  • My bank is open for any supplies needed to make the arenas a reality. Besides for my valuables of course.
  • I have a sketch up at /warp arena1.  It's just an idea (four fighting platforms, with contestants all dropped in at the same time) to try out the design.

    It's organized into levels (like in a stadium), with the top level housing the control room.  The glass thing at the top is the holding area (where contestants are teleported to), with a row of chutes.  The only control available right now is the chute release (which drops the contestants).  The chute restraint controls aren't connected yet.

    The rubberized fighting platforms are just to be sadistic (and to avoid fall damage).

    If we go this route, an outdoor arena sort of like this one would be interesting, maybe in a jungle biome, or maybe have the platforms dangling off the edge of the star destroyer.

  • I could definitely approve of this being at my star destroyer
  • i hear stuff
  • Sacrificial altar that clears storms and turns night into day.  All someone has to do is jump in, a command block detects their presence and triggers a horrible death, then time and weather gets set.  Good clean fun.

  • edited December 2015
  • Where is this altar?
  • Right now, just in my head.  It's doable and it was an idea that came up before (except back then it was meant to sacrifice sheep).  The main mechanism is just a command block that triggers on the presence of a player within a few blocks of it (inside the pit).

    The player-check works similarly to the chicken-check in that chicken reactor I built.
  • could you make an alter where if you convince another player to leap in, you get awarded a point? then we can keep score?
  • I wonder how many people we could get in in a week
  • If we build such an altar, it should be in the form of a giant chicken.  Cluck Cluck demands flesh.
  • we could set it up like an indiana jones style run through a large corridor, and have intervals where you can't die to give the illusion of a successful run, with some really nice prize at the end. But unbeknownst to the people who enter, it is a futile attempt because you always die when you enter at some point. 
  • if you make an altar it needs to be of me
  • I feel like an altar for you wouldn't change the time or the weather. I feel like an altar to you would fix my copy machine or activate a palm pilot. Or maybe send a fax to somewhere that uses fax machines still, like north korea. 
  • Let the Altar of Ubu bring storms and darkness.  Bonus points if the storm/night never ends until someone visits Cluck Cluck's altar.

    It would be nice to be able to put an altar on a timer and have the sacrifices be to hold back whatever it does, but I can see that quickly going from being a quirky server attraction to a regular pain in everyone's ass.
  • I imagine this being really cool though if:
    1. multiple altars each doing a specific thing
    2. one altar works at a time so you cant be forced to deal with more than one thing happening
    3. multiple ways of sacrifice, suicide gift of items, maybe sacrifice an animal, ect ect
    4. only works if there are 4+ people online... so you cant be worried about dealing with it if your alone or theres not enough for variety
    5. the altars could be both good or bad - and change completely at a set interval, like 12 hours or something. 

    so the altars would be a single specific entity almost. changing hands like a much more intimidating clock. sometimes it works in your favor, or maybe your turning off the effects to remove someone elses good fortune. 
  • edited December 2015
    Now I have to build a sacrificial alter to ubu the holy god...
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