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Deathplayer banned

edited January 2016 in News
Hey, I was on tonight at 7:00 pm Mst, when I encountered deathplayer. I saw him wreck a players residence (mack2247). I told him to rebuild it or the consequences would be serious. His exuse was that mack had stolen his diamonds and a diamond sword from him, which I found highly unlikely, due to the fact he didn't have a house or a mine. He asked me to teleport him to some locations, all of which were under the sea. I wasn't sure why he wanted to go to these locatoions, so I didn't send him to them. After that, he died, and was sent to LordBobs residence. I watched him attempt to destroy bobs property. I sent him back to macks residence. I asked him to rebuild macks house and leave the server or I would ban him. He started swearing and using incongruous language, so I banned him. I'm not sure if I temp banned him or not, but it won't matter, since he's not likely to make a ban appeal. 


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