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Outdated server error?

Tried to log in this morning and got a failed to connect to server, outdated server error


  • Minecraft updated to 1.9.2. Probably to fix the ender dragon bug :D.
  • Lol I hope so :D.
  • I had to downgrade my client to 1.9 (not 1.9.1) to get it to work.

    To downgrade, bring up the profile selection screen (when you first start the client but before starting the game), choose Edit Profile, then set your client version to 1.9 and Save Profile.  When you start, you'll be running 1.9 and the server will like you.  Note that my client said the server was offline - I ignored that and got in without a hitch.

    Don't forget to switch back to "Latest Version" after the issue is resolved.

  • hmm updates... maybe i should get it updated
  • server has been updated to 1.9.2
  • I still see "Outdated Server", and can only connect as a 1.9.0 client, though Spigot shows a 1.9.2 snapshot on /version.

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