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Gardener Needed

I've got a build I'm working on, and up at the top of that build is supposed to be an enclosed garden, complete with trees, flowers, running water, and other gardeny things.

The problem: I can't build a garden for crap in MC.  Just like in real life, my virtual gardening skills are pitiful.

I'm looking for someone who is good at building believable branching trees from scratch and has a good eye for what's pretty.  I'll give you considerable freedom in terms of what you design, as long as a few specifications are met.  All tools and materials will be provided.

If you're interested and want to see the space to work with, go to /warp arboretum.  Respond with wherever I can find some samples of your work (warps/tp points or rough coordinates), or even just ideas.

Note: Any ideas that involve jukeboxes or note boxes will be summarily rejected and answered with only Prince quotes and dismissive silence.


  • You need garden, I make you garden, I make you good garden. You go to /res tp div_home will show you mini garden. I also have pins, many pins (Pinterest is your friend). I like doing dees tings and feel I'm good at it. I make ponds and pretty flowers. Waterfalls too. You let me do dis ting for you, ja?
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