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A Hare-raising problem

Trying to breed a few rabbits for a rabbit hutch.  I have turned animal spawning on in my res, gave them carrots, and got experience but no baby rabbits. Checked other animals and I could get them to successful breed. No idea what could be wrong.


  • They won't breed unless monster spawning is turned on. The residence plugin thinks all new entities from 1.8 or later are monsters.
  • You need to find the Barry White record (item id DSKBW0017) and build a jukebox to play it near the rabbit hutch.  

    BW records spawn only if a skeleton archer is killed by lightening while surrounded by three exploding creepers, and only at the stroke of midnight (with a 13% chance of being generated).

    There are supposed to be two BW records, but "It's Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me" (item DSKBW0018) never generates due to a bug (possibly fixed in 1.9.3).
  • Cool, thanks! Time to make some music....... :p
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