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Bukkit Is in trouble (Possibly now dead)

If anyone keeps up with the news on Mojang or Bukkit (The software that keeps our servers running with plugins) You may have noticed most if not all the dev team has just quit Bukkit. Also a DMCA takedown notice was issued to Bukkit/Spigot/Cauldron. Here is some info about it:

The bad news is it may be awhile before a 1.8 update can be officially released for public servers (Possibly never under Bukkit) The good news is there is a new project which plans to replace bukkit which is a client/server architecture which supports BOTH plugins and mods. Yay if the mods part is also true, as this could allow players to join a server without first needing to download the mods before hand. This process could be streamlined before joining a server which would be cool if done this way.

This is the new project website: And this is their frequently asked questions section, which is a good read too:


  • we can currently stay with spigot using binary patches.  Spigot believes that they will get past this dmca mess and be able to provide downloads again
  • So will plugins and mods be mergable in the future on servers? 'Cause I'm in the process of making a pack/server that requires both.
  • So can we have fly on until the plugin issue is resolved.
  • You can use fly with the expfly command
  • Is this the long term solution to fly ? One xp per second of flight gives 20 minutes of flight for level 30. Seems very expensive overall.
  • thats the best plugin that we have found to give out flight
  • Ok so instead of open world fly we are making it so those who use fly often in builds will never be able to enchant, or it will promote massive exp grinders. This plug in is not a fair resource drain one exp per second is simply to much. On top of grinding the massive amount of raw resources I need for my build now I have to set up a exp grinder which is something I have never liked the idea of simply so I can effectively build. This plug in is a bandaid to a larger issue that it cannot hope to fix. Is this something that will be corrected or is this just an attempt to pacify those wanting fly.
  • that plugin is the best one that we have found to work with what we wanted for fly.  I have changed what the plugin used for xp from 1 level of xp to just 1 xp.  
  • Ah OK sounds good. I'll try it out and I'm not trying to be a dick here.
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