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Running Minecraft off of a Flash Drive

So first off, yeah I became a lurker. ANYWAY, so my computer is so slow and the one I working on building can't get my dad to order parts (he won't let me order them). Anyway so the best way I can figure to get more then 10 fps is to use his computer, but he doesn't want me downloading anything on it. So if I can find a way to run Minecraft off of a flash drive then I could play it on his computer.


  • edited April 2016
    I dont think you can, you can only store the data on it.
  • basically i mean all the data is saved onto it automaticly.
  • You still have to install Java no matter what else you do.

    Previously you could give a working path explicitly when calling minecraft.jar, but the new loader system changed all that.  There may still be a way to do it that way, but I verified the old one didn't work.

    One page that gives less pleasant alternatives (that may also be out of date):

    If you can get MC to use a non-standard %APPDATA% location, then you have everything you need to run it on a thumb drive.  You'll still have to install Java though.

  • Java is fine, my dad uses. But that hopefully will work, thank you!
  • Wait could I change the directory using the launcher?
  • Try it.  Rename your \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft folder, then change what "Game Directory" uses, then see if it creates a new .minecraft folder or uses your old one.

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