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Addition to museum

So, while roaming around my museum, making little adjustments here and there, adding a few more things, my mind went to wondering. I wanted something else to add to the museum.  And then it hit me.... biomes!!!!   You know how some natural science museums have a section where they show taxidermied animals in their natural environment, something like that, but without the animals.  Will be a big project, since each biome display will take up a 10x10x10 area (some my be bigger).  Now there are actually a total of 49 biomes, so I will combine some, like Taiga and Taiga M (the M one have more hills).  Below is a list of biomes I will use (total of 20).  Any comments or suggestions welcome. 

The Nether
The End
Mushroom Island
Roofed Forest
Birch Forest
Beach + Stone beach + Ice Beach in a 10x20 area
River + Frozen River
Forest + Flower Forest
Plains + Sunflower Plains
Taiga + Cold Taiga
Extreme Hills
Ice Plains + Ice Plains Spikes


  • You could build a dragon in the end and put end crystals on small obsidian pillars.
  • Don't forget there are hill versions of many of those, so you could add hills on the outskirts of each biome. Also there is even a Mega Tagia that has mossy boulders.
  • For Forest/Flower Forest make a forest partially surrounded by a hill and put the flowers (tulips, roses lilacs and peonies with a mix of regular flowers and grass) on the hill. Have some on the floor. That's how they tend to be (at least when I come across them).
  • lol sounds like a job for copy pasta

  • Have the first display complete, the Roofed Forest.  The entrance is off the third floor of my museum, the same room the command blocks are displayed in.  Let me know what you think. 
  • This is really funny. Your museum actually inspired me to start working on some biome dioramas at /res outpost a few days ago! I may take some creative license and "invent" a few biomes for fun...

    I look forward to seeing the full biome museum!
  • Can't wait to see yours too!
  • Plateau isn't a biome on its own. There are only Mesa Plateaus and Savanna Plateaus.
  • I know, same with hills, and will place signs noting this. Trying to make the minimum number of displays I need.
  • Biome section of the museum is now complete!! Check it out, let me know if there are any issues or if you have any suggestions.  Use /res tp bob_keep/museum to get there quickly!
  • wow, that is neat. How did you get that fountain to levitate?
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