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Hello CommunityCraft members,

My Minecraft username is Tom__Swift and I was first introduced to CommunityCraft by my brother who had in turn been introduced by Pyro_Clasm and AmberSapphire.  I have been playing Minecraft for the last couple years.  I probably started playing about the time 1.0 came out.  I live in the Central Standard time zone and play on weekend evenings if I'm not too busy.  In real life, I'm an engineering student, so finding time to play can be difficult.

I have been on CommunityCraft for the last three months and have helped Bud_Barclay with some of his builds and was working on building an underground base before the spring semester hit.  Now as school winds down I'm hoping to have time to contribute to some amazing builds.  I'm not a very fast builder, but when it comes to planning and more technical stuff, I'm your man.

Thanks for your consideration!


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