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Inventory errors and major bug

Big time bug. Wife logged out for a couple hours, and when she logged in, her inventory was reset to what it was early this morning when she first logged on. Lost 16 full stacks of Diorite. Just did a test myself, put a bunch of stuff in a chest except for one new thing, logged out, logged back in after a few minutes, and my inventory was set to what it was early this morning. Also, when we looked in our inventory after logging on, we got the inventory achievement.

And on top of that. When we logged out and logged back in, we were at the spot in the world where we had logged out at last night.

note that changes in the world that were made stayed the same, ie dug out parts stayed dug out, built areas stayed built.


  • Yeah, inventory seems to be stuck at sometime last night. Same thing for where a person is in game.
  • If you put your invontory into a chest then log out, it gives you back all your stuff and leaves the items in the chest, duplicating them. It's probably just a world save error.
  • It does that every time you log out and always resets to the same point (last night for me).
  • this has been fixed
  • if you lost any items due to this please talk to an admin ingame to get the items back
  • If you have had an issue with this please send me a message and I will correct it later tonight.
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