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2 Gliding Minigames

edited May 2016 in News
So with help from Pyro_Clasm and Ehickey I have made an arena were you can glide eternally. It's meant for PvP and a minigame I am currently calling Betrayal.

Rules are simple:
  • Must use Elytra
  • No Diamond Armor for now (makes it last to long)
  • For Betrayal no weapons.

How to play betrayal:
  • Me or Pyro will open up were the Shulkers are. Then if you get close they will fire homing projectiles at you. Try and get these projectiles to hit other players causing them to take damage. Dodge them to make sure you don't die and the rest is simply Gliding.

Almost Forgot: To get there just ask me or Pyro_Clasm while we are online.


  • Anyone interested?

    Should I post pictures?
  • I'm interested though I already know about it
  • Post away.  If it's done I can snag some video of it in use if you like.
  • Oh btw don't ask me how to get there as I'm gone till next tuesday
  • When I can get on I will take pics. Can't do it with a nice pack or anyway so if someone gets better then yeah. Also going need to get a warp or something, as right now its just my home. OH YEAH res, uh well anyway next time someone sees me on remind me to make it a res please.
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