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GMD Staff Application

edited August 2016 in General
Ubu said he's looking for some more help, so I though I'd put my name forward.

Minecraft Name:
GrandMoffDake (formerly Konungr1)

Times you are mostly on:
Honestly, my time on has been pretty sporadic
lately. When I do get on, it's usually in the early morning (6-7am PDT)
or evenings (4-8pm PDT). I am willing to commit to being on more

Date you joined the server:
I joined in September 2014

Builds on the Server:
I have 2 main builds. My main residence is at GMDHome
and I've been working on building a version of Helm's Deep. It's still a
work in progress, but you can check it out at Hornburg. I've also built
an XP/gold farm in the Nether, but it had lag problems so I took it
down when our current one went up.

Reasons why you'd make a good Staff:
I try to read everything on the forums and pay
attention to chat. I try to help anyone who asks. I also have experience
using Linux and I've done some coding as well (mostly in Java).

Any other reasons you think you should join the team: <sup>I can</sup> <sub>do this.</sub>


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