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Basement Arena Combat That Totally Has Nothing To Do With Fight Club

Who would be up for a simple fight night?  A single one with a few people for now, and if it's fun we can do it again, bigger and improved.

For now, it would just be a bunch of people in a box beating the living hell out of each other, dying, and warping back again.  No rules, no residency requirements, and very likely no score. 

I set up a dirt simple "basement" at /warp fightclub (even though it's totally not a fight club).  If we can round up at least 3-4 participants and agree on a time to meet up, then it's a done deal.  I'll propose evening (6 or 7pm) on sunday or monday.  The results will go on Youtube, probably edited to look much more dramatic than it was.


  • Sure, I'll do it.
  • I'll try to get on (I would probably prefer Sunday)
  • I'll be there tonight, in case anyone shows up.  If anyone does, tonight will mostly just be a test for any ideas we come up with.  The room is purposefully minimalistic (no entry areas, no nasty lava traps, etc), though we can add to it as we go.

    It would be a very good idea to drop off your items before showing up.  I'll provide a chest with some standard steel armor and weapons, since we don't have to worry about unfamiliar users taking advantage of it (yet).
  • edited October 2016
    Just relised what if we had a prize for wining the match?
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