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Server lag


Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing server lag.  I will dig about four or five blocks in a row, and then suddenly the last two will re-appear.  It is almost like the information on my end is moveing faster than the server can keep up with. 


  • Sounds like internet issues to me. I have this same issue all the time when my internet is slow.
  • Well, unless minecraft is pulling more bandwidth than World of Warcraft, SWTOR, etc., then I would have to politely disagree.

  • That was just the only thing that made sense to me.
  • I get the same lag when I'm on the server.  Mostly in mob movement and block disappearing after i place them.
  • i noticed today while on singleplayer I wasn't getting the same lag. Bob and I are in the same house so me getting the same lag on this server doesn't really count here. I will say that I spent 5 mins yesterday trying to leave a building. It kept jumping me back to where I started at. I have had that happen in sevral times, in various locals under various conditions, just not often that bad. All in addition to the block placement/ removal lag.
  • is it just today?

  • Been this way for a while, I know it was this way back last time I logged on in July. I tested things on my end by logging onto other multiplayer servers, and had no issues.  The lag had been bad at times in the past, but for the past few days I have been on it is mostly just annoying.  
  • It was fine (a little laggy, but fine) when I logged back on on the 12th. A few days after that it started getting laggy again. The last couple of days have been horrible and when I started experiencing what I mentioned above.
  • I restarted some things keep me updated

  • Well, whatever you did worked!!! No lag right now.
  • Laggy again, Brb noticed also, last night.
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