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Museum Remodel

I am working on remodeling my museum. I need to expand it a little since there will be some new blocks in version 1.10. Also, I want to make it more attractive, so I am redoing the walls, floors, and ceiling. Don't plan on moving much of the displays around so I should not need admin assistance,  unless someone wants to donate a 40x40x40  block of quartz . But since quartz is a huge pain to farm a ton of, I will most likely be using Andesite (trim) and Diorite.  Been conflicted as to what material to use, sandstone is too yellow and white stained clay is too pink, but polished Diorite is as close to white stone as I can get.  If  anyone has some ideas, I am all ears.  And feel free to check out what I have so far, just look for the quartz building on top of the hill in bob_keep


  • why not leave the quartz block hollow?
  • Because I would need a solid block for the amount I would need to replace.  But I am now using Diorite and Andesite, which are working out well 
  • The remodel of both the zoo and museum are complete!!! I encourage everyone to check it out, let me know what you think.
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