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Grinder is broken

The gold grinder is broken. There is no gold or anything in the chests, and when you set off the zombie pigmen to attack you, when they die the experience does not get bounced to the top, as that part seems to be non-functional.


  • I'll take a look at it.
  • I got the gold to filter down. The last time i was on i used it and got a ton from it. But it takes a while to fill the chests.
  • Is this corrected? I can take a crack at it tonight.
  • I took a look at the experience system this morning and i fixed part of it but part of it is still screwed up. I'll try and find a way to fix it as soon as I can. I have not looked at the gold filtering system yet but ill look at that tonight.
  • Thanks for looking at it. When I get home I'll see if I can do anything but I haven't messed with red stone stuff in a couple years.
  • I believe it is fixed. Amber is correct that the gold takes a long time to filter down to the chests as it is only at the speed of hoppers. There is also the possibility that it wont filter all the way down unless you go down and sit there because hoppers dont work if the chunk isn't loaded. If there are any more issues feel free to ask here or in another post
  • Investigating the issue one of the slime blocks is not correctly being pulled back which stops items from bouncing upwards. Also a large amount of mobs are not dying from the fall I played with it for a while but couldn't fully fix it. Items should be working again and I did a temp fix to the mobs dying but exp still I'll not work.
  • The exp bouncer works, I tested it using exp bottles. I'll increase the fall by a few blocks to ensure that they do die. I'm pretty sure they don't always die because they fall on the ice when the piston is extended and leaves them at half a heart.
  • I just checked again today and the bouncer isn't properly timed I believe. I am still working on figuring it out but i have school so it's gonna take me some time.
  • Grinder is still broken (you have to stand at the cactus for it to work), but found an updated design incase someone want to take a crack at it.  It is based on the current design of our grinder.  
  • I'll go and have some fun with it today.
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