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I'm working on a build that is using a lot of iron blocks. I could use a little help if anyone has iron they can spare (doesn't matter in what form as long as it can be turned into blocks). Donations can be done either by dropping in one of the community chests at div_home (communitychest is an open to the public sub zone to those that don't know or forgot) or for admins (and maybe mods), if you like you can drop iron blocks in the middle of the iron ring at div_flowers (not far from the tp). If you drop things in community chest please let me know right away as I don't check those that often and they are open to the public. I know I want it to be a research facility, but I'm not 100% set on how I am doing the build. Any left overs, if any, will be offered back to the public. Thank you to anyone that does or has helped.


  • There should still be a bunch of iron in the inventory system at the top of my temple (/warp temple).  They should all be set to public access and others have made use of it, so most of it is probably gone now - but feel free to raid what's left.

    It's a chaotic mess because it was in the middle of a redesign at one point, but the iron should be in some of the chests right below the roof.

    btw: I don't suggest turning on the chicken reactor right above it.  :)
  • can't open anything there. Tells me I don't have perms.
  • Try now, I fixed perms on a bunch of them.  There is one up at the top (right underneath the glass structure on the roof) next to the little hole in the center.   

    There is another near the front that says "Iron", one level down from the roof.  It's the one next to the workshop that looks like a bomb went off inside it.  Mostly because a bomb went off inside it.
  • Ok the marked box did open. The one above it (below the chickens), in the area called HQ, can't be opened by me.
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