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Reaching Resident Status

What sort of standards would we like new players to reach before the can become residents.  I'm thinking 15 days on the server and 5 votes from current residents.  Thoughts?


  • I would say shorten the amount of days needed, more like 12 days on the server, because long wait times = less permanent players. In fact, this topic should be saved for later, like when we get a decent amount of people playing on the server every day.
  • Actually, long wait times equal better players. Those who want to spend the time on the server that it takes to become a resident, are usually players worth keeping. We don't want players who stop in for a day, disappear for 12 days, then come back for their residency. We want good players, not crappy ones. 
  • To attract the good ones, we need the player amount too.  Once we have enough regular players, we can start slowly raising our standards.
  • What would be gained by being a resident? If it is non-essential I say long wait time with 3 votes or short wait time with 7 votes. They have two options
  • residents will get the ability to use tnt, lava, and fire. As well as have the ability to use the xpfly command.
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