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Minecraft Server Status

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Gosh Guys

Things really broke down.


  • I noticed the 1.12 client can't log in.  I guess it's update time again.  There's also a remaining (but minor) LWC issue dating from the last update.  Beyond that I noticed no issues the last few times I was on.

    If you mean the number of people, I'm not sure what we could do about that without being plugged into some sort of larger MC community (ironic, considering our name).  We could advertise, but I don't have any idea where.  The wider community itself has started skewing very young, mostly because older players are usually either no longer playing, or randomly but very occasionally lurk or build a little, like me and a few others here.  The time spent building and playing slowly gets replaced by the constant urge to hide outside and wait for the opportunity to scream at kids to get off your lawn.

    I'd compare this server to others I used to play on, but most of the ones in my client's list are also ghost towns. Players move on, and new ones have to be brought into their place to keep up the critical server population needed to build a strong base.

    We could always stage a one-off event to attract people.  It would be fun as hell, but we'd need at least a few people to run it (I can be one of them) and someone who knows where to go to tell people about it.  What we'd do really depends on whether we want to attract normal people or weird people, and personally I'm always down for bringing in weirdos.

    One reason it'd be nice to have more people on again:  I really miss going invisible and looking for people mining, and then planting blocks of diamond ore in the rock a few blocks ahead of their dig.
  • We should at least try to get some people back on. It's been so long since I've logged in, I don't know the run of the place any more. It's probably been a year. I'm willing to help if anyone has any ideas, but I don't know the quality of ideas I could come up with. I loved this server. I still do. I miss the community it used to have. We should just post it on literally every minecraft server list and see what it brings. But even then we'd need some people on to greet them. I'd be willing to help -- now that it's summer I have some time on my hands. If we decide to advertise, let me know and I'll try to be there for a few days to greet new comers and show them around. But one person won't be much help; we need a group effort.
  • I can stay logged in during part of the workday to help with coverage, but it would help if anyone knows a way to get the client to make a noise or alert me when someone logs in (since I won't have much time to play or monitor it).
  • I would love to be a part of this process of getting people back but I am going to be starting college in a couple weeks so my time will sadly be severely limited.
  • I miss everyone
  • Dude I've been playing on this server for 5 years ._.
  • Sorry. I have been gone, stopped playing for a while, then wasn't sure if I'd be wanted back. Hope you guys don't mind if I try and spread the server around again.
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