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Dragon_Tom (Resident App)

Hellu my name is Tom. My in-game name is Dragon_Tom005 but you can just call me Tom. I've been playing Minecraft for a little over 6 years since beta 1.7. I recently joined the Minecraft server on December 8th and have so far been building some good stuff including a sawmill and a glorified Nether Portal. I hope to build enough to complete a full kingdom but who knows, maybe I'll build a few odds & ends. I do love to build decently sized structures if i can. So far, i'm also enjoying  the server after finding out about it from my friend Artifix over on Discord. Since then I've been getting on basically any time that i can. More times at night though roughly around 7 pm or later. (UTC-6:00) central time. But again, i normally just get on at whatever times. 

Some additional info about me is that I like to play multiplayer with friends. It's just I don't get to as much or I don't feel like it at times. But that shouldn't stop friends from trying to invite me anyways. I also love purple. It's my favorite color. And i'm 22 years old going on 23 this March.


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