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Minecraft Server Status

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Are we in a position to start welcoming new people? If so I'll welcome the chance to advertise for us.


  • I can take pictures!
  • I can want to help out!
  • I am thinking of making an imgur album with some of our builds on it. In additions make a reddit post welcoming people to our server. I will post a link after I get the album together and the post made. If anyone wants to send me pictures to add to the album let me know.
  • I was looking for places to take pictures for the server and I noticed on thing that bothered me. Immediatly outside of spawn is a private residence you may not even leave spawn easily because it has fences blocking you in and is one of the things people complained about on the old server which is spawn having needless builds that congested it.I am all for public utilities that new players can use but a house in which the player may not enter and blocks their path to exit seems counter productive.
  • I've already got a album on imgur if you want me to send it to you. It's on the new forums.
  • i need a good banner for advertising, maybe featuring a build on the server
  • I volunteer my build as tribute
  • I would have done something but I'm I'll as pancreatisus and gall stones.I'm dosed up on morphine at the moment.
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