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Plugins and other Addons

What plugins and addons do we want to use?


  • i wouldn't change anything, just copy the server file and run everything as it is
  • Worldguard sounds good though, as I saw someone mention.
    Other than that I love our setup, it's simple and residence is incredibly useful.
  • Per conversation, it is decided we will run all NBC plugins and adding WorldGuard. 8/29/14

    Current Plugin List (19):
  • I wanted to post in the other topic but noticed it was closed. Just wanted to add one thing, if we decide to keep the same plugins, know that LogBlock, LWC and PermissionsEX are setup to use a MySQL database backend and should be configured as so for performance reasons instead of using either SQLite or flat file/YML system.

    I can be sure we get a database dump of these from our current map so we can just import these into MySQL.
  • i have merged the 2 threads and reopened.  we will have mysql(mariadb) available to use
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    Is it possible for us to get titles like on the original one, so mabey if server was called NobleCraft (saw this in chat) the titles would be as follows:

    Member: Knight

    Moderator: Aristocrat

    Admin: King (or Emperor I like Emperor better)
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    It would be nice to include fly in the list of addons, with some sort of in-game fee, like we were talking about on the old forums (of course, later on, since this isn't a really important thing to do xD )
  • we have to be careful with the new minecraft rules put out by mojang

  • Wish Airship plugin didn't lag so much I love using it!
  • Something to make chopping trees faster!
  • @ubuntuguru pretty sure they don't care about in-game fees, like a diamond block for a week of flying.
  • please no plugins that make the collection of stuff faster. mcmmo ruined the economy on cc. the impact of treefeller should be limited, but still... please keep it as vanilla as possible! protection and warps should be plenty imo.
  • I say we do something like three warps per player. You can buy another every 20 diamonds or something like that. Cause warps were pretty rare on c.c
  • Warps are often the only way work can be displayed.  Unless we apply pressure to keep most builds close to each other, you can expect them to be all over the map.  Three warps per player would be fine at first, but after a while any player who likes to build will run out of warps very quickly.
  • You have 2 residences, and you can have an unlimited amount of warps within that area.
  • edited September 2014
    Playing with the new fly model of exp per second of flight I have noticed a couple things. First it does not stop people from using fly to obtain resources easier, for instance if I am mining and come upon a lava lake I can easily fly over it for nearly no exp cost, but If I want to build something in my own personal residence which is what the flight was supposed to help the cost is horrible and I have so far not done much work on this server due to it. In addition large grinders that could be used as exp grinders that were built with fly that would take a huge amount of time for new players without fly give the long term players an unfair advantage over newer players. I know this annoys new players because my friend that just joined the server pointed this out when we explained how fly works to him. Simply put we got rid of unlimited flight to combat certain things but the system we have in place still allows unfair things but stops meaningful building. I gave the new system a chance but it just is not working.

    Also not to beat a dead horse but my argument that CC was destroyed and replaced by NBC is directly supported above by saying "Per conversation, it is decided we will run all NBC plugins and adding WorldGuard. 8/29/14" by FleetAdmiralCoke. All NBC plugins are brought over. Can I ask for one just one CC exclusive plugin that was brought over to be pointed out.
  • I do plan on setting up a cc like map with a bunch of plugins eventually.  There are other things that are higher on my priority list to do first.  
  • edited September 2014
    How many players would I need to agree to make flight happen. I don't want another server my build is on this server. Is there a set number we can agree on I would need to get to want fly and it would be implemented. 

    In addition to this the people not wanting flight how does it affect you for those that have flight to have it if you simply don't want it do not use it. Let the people that do such as Me, Zeddekiahcromwell, Konunger, Novem9r, Harah, AshNinja among others I have talked to about it and want fly back use it. Currently the system in place allows those with structures build using fly like exp grinders to have an advantage that new players cannot. If you are worried about the economy a fair playing field is much better than a skewed one. Mining Cobble which is the only item I ever seem to buy will take me as long with or without fly so I am willing to pay just as many diamonds for them either way. Except of course I cannot build without fly well I wont build I should say so I will buy LESS which for sure does not help the economy.
  • We need a happy medium where no matter how many xp you have, it's a fair rate of flying. Something reasonable like 5xp per sec instead of the current 1. Something that takes effort getting, even in grinders, that'll allow a fair amount of flying per player.
  • its 1xp per second you can currently fly for under 20 minutes on 30 levels. if you increase it to 5 I would get less than 5 minutes for 30 levels which would make it useless to build at all.
  • @CEG:

    You're... you're joking right? Brb brings up the valid point that there are many members that want fly, that expected fly because it was a major feature of CraftCat, and you respond that the current flawed system of xpfly needs to be made even more flawed?

    Simply put, even the current system is in danger of making the entire server grinder dependent, which will only result in a case of "the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer". Think about the experience that you're creating for a new player. They log on to the server and see these awesome, intricate builds (the kind that are a LOT easier with fly) and want to participate in kind. Ah, but to use fly they need to build a grinder. It's just a gate between a new user and "endgame" content on the server. It's worse than a system like "pay this many diamonds to get fly", as a new player can scrimp and save for that using tools and methods available to them. A new player can set a goal like that and have an easily defined path to follow. It's a one-time purchase which opens up new possibilities for a player. It's an achievement to get fly and enjoyable to work towards. With xpfly, the only thing it does is artificially gate use for new players, while acting as a minor inconvenience for experienced players.

    And the grinder a player builds can't be a small one, either. Those just flat out don't work on our server. Why? Well because when you have members afk'ing for literally days in the middle of automated item grinders, a small grinder that would be reasonable for a new player to build will have such a minuscule spawn rate. 

    Of course, there's also the fact that the people saying no to basic fly and trying to xpgate it are people that already have it. I joined and stayed on this server because I saw the awesome things that people were building and was told, "you could build that". An xp sink for fly is saying, "you could build that, but only if you take hours to mine the resources to create a massive grinder just to power the tool that immeasurably quickens your building time". What's the goal here? People wanting to use fly to build are getting very little, while those who want to use it for economic actions (like quickly sweeping the nether for fortresses) are still able to do that with the current system. 
  • I know I'm new, but I'd like to add my 2 cents to the fly discussion.  Why does fly have to be xp based?  Why can't it be payed for with an item if your worried about balance.  Emeralds were put in the game as a kind of currency, can't we use them or something similar?

    I agree with Zedekiah.  Making fly XP based is a huge barrier.  It basically says to any newcomers that one of the first things they need to do is build a huge grinder.  The can't go straight into building cool stuff.
  • Let me preface this by saying I never had fly back in CC, even though it would make building soooo much easier. I do pretty much nothing but build and gather resources so I can continue building. I have several building projects going at any one time and even though I recently discovered I was given a bunch of levels so I could fly for over 4,000 seconds, I don't intend to use them. I personally choose to build like a pleb because I enjoy making my life more difficult than it needs to be. That said, I don't think others, especially newcomers, should feel forced to build without fly/very limited flying. Brb raises a good point, I don't think having a bunch of massive grinders is the solution either.
  • Our eventual plan is for the expfly to only matter when you're outside of a residence, but it will be unlimited when you're in one (i.e., working on builds).  
  • Small update, we're going to try and test out using worldguard flags to allow unlimited fly in residences and expfly outside at some point today, per our conversation last night.
  • Airships????? I like that plugin.
  • YOU steps Night_crafter...Baby steps.
  • there is a test fly region at spawn currently if it seems to work as expected admins will set it up in areas that would like it
  • edited September 2014
    Something like would be nice for PvE. To make bookshelves interactive
  • Works great, Ubu. Thanks for getting that set up!

    Could I request fly at my residence, "Cromwell"? The corners are x= -402, z= -1213 and x=-702, z=-1512

    Thanks again.
  • Love the new plugin. Fall to Your Death Sim!! Give a man fly and you will teach him to fall to his death.
  • welp dont fly out of the region
  • But its so fun!
  • deal with it nerd?
  • Or if the problem is flying above/below then turn damage off
  • You aren't my SUPERVISOR!!!
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