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Please help

I was exploring in the nether and found a portal.  On the other side the portal was blocked and is in an area where I can't place or destroy blocks.  Coords are -1406, 64, -4382.  I'm stuck and can't do anything.


  • i went to those cords and there were no sign of a nether portal (or even a blocked one) in that location
  • edited October 2014
    Oh, that's my portal. I blocked it to prevent villagers from wandering into it. Sorry.

    You should be able to exit it now.
  • Thank you.  I'm free now.
  • Konungr1, if you ever get stuck in the future you should be able to warp back to another place such as spawn by using the /spawn command. It will even get you out of other worlds like the nether.
  • Last time I tried, using /spawn in the End was fatal. Don't know about the Nether.
  • /spawn should only be used in overworld... using it in the end or nether may lead to unexpected results...(death)
  • I used /home to get out of the nether one time because there were a bunch of ghasts I didn't want to deal with, and it worked just fine. Haven't tried using /spawn, but that sounds like a terrifying risk.
  • edited October 2014
    Sorry I meant /warp spawn not /spawn as that only changes coordinates. If you have previously set up a home /home works too.
  • Thanks for the suggestions, but in the situation I was in they wouldn't work.  Chat wouldn't open for me to type anything.
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