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Interest in FTB

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What is the interest in an FTB server?  Which modpack would you suggest?


  • I've never played FTB and don't know anything about the specific mod packs, but I've been wanting to try it out for a while. I would definitely play on the server. 
  • I've also never played FTB but have heard a lot of talk about it and would be interested in trying it.
  • I am all about ftb.  I have been playing attack of the b-team recently and it is good, but some of the plug-ins dont work very well together.
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    I'm a big FTB fan myself. I wish more 1.7.10 packs would launch soon :)

    Lately I prefer the Direwolf20 mod pack since it survives the major minecraft version changes. It also does not overdue it with the mods.
  • FTB has recently released the Direwolf20 mod pack for 1.7.10 We could use that.
  • im going to get a server setup for ftb when i get a chance
  • running a test at 
  • I joined a bit ago, how is the test going? What specifics were you looking for?
  • just to see if it worked, im not too familiar with ftb.
  • oh oh oh, getting on!

  • edited November 2014
    waaaaayyyyy  tooooo intensive for my computer.  I cant ruin it.

  • Don't ruin it D:
  • edited November 2014
    lol, ruin it

  • you need to make sure the FTB server has enough processing power bc just exploring the world lags it out and its has massive block lag while mining.
  • I have allocated more processing power.  let me know if there are still issues with it.  
  • much better. and yea FTB is very very high need in processing power lots of things to load that are always moving.
  • ive allocated 4 cpus to it, and its at 30% usage across them already.  Ill try to keep an eye on it.  
  • Hey people, I was thinking of getting into Minecraft again and recently got my account back. I was wondering if as this is a test ftb server/world, what the chances of you resetting the map is going to be? As I don't really want to get properly into it just to have the world deleted.

    Thanks, Ash
  • It is not a test map anymore.  There are currently no plans to wipe the maps anytime soon.
  • I might join in again, I dunno. I'm kinda over FTB
  • Okay awesome, thanks for the info :) Hmm I haven't played modded minecraft in years so it's definitely a treat and I'm also playing with my friend who I have never properly played legit mc with before so :P
  • the map is sweet and im loving having ppl drop in and out make it more alive and fun to play ftb 

  • idk what happen to the server but its supper laggy and its timing me out like crazy

  • server crashed i have restarted it
  • For people that can't run it, try turning off the mipmapping in video settings. That absolutely shredded my fps from 90 down to like 4.
  • the server is having some timeout issues i think it needs a restart and think we could update it to 1.0.2 

  • Server has been has been restarted and i have allocated another 2gb of ram to the server
  • any news on the server

  • havent had the time to fix it yet
  • Not yet im not too familiar with ftb servers and how everything works.  I might just put up a new map if players dont have an issue with that.  
  • new idea for FTB lets use te new resurrection mod pack. it has all the old mods from ultimate (updated of course) and it adds a bit more of a challenge to the game 
  • Sounds good if other players are up for it?
  • edited December 2014
    I'm up for it. When you say more challenge, you are not referring to GregTech are you? I do see that's included lol that alone makes it challenging. Full automation is a must in the pack to get anything accomplished in a reasonable timeframe.
  • lol yes gregtech but alot of it isnt done with that mod its sticks to its own finally adds in tons of new ores but if you want you can take that out 
  • been playing the ftb ressurection and its really fun and gregtech doenst make it much harder just a few extra steps to get some things done 

  • any news on the ftb server coming back up 
  • Right now i dont have the time to deal with ftb.  If there was another admin that would take over, the server would be better managed.  If Aiur wants to deal with it ill let him work on it.  Also i have seen very few players show interest in it lately(besides attack88).  
  • ubuntuguru, I can take a look at it, but I believe you are hosting FTB  on another VM that I don't have access to. May I be granted access? I can't promise I will be around often enough to maintain FTB due to my life schedule.
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