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Minecraft Server Status

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Server Is Down

The server is currently down. Do we know when it will be back up?


  • server is back up
  • Are you sure? I keep getting a when I try to log on.
  • server is back up i just logged into it.... It appears that Konungr1 is always the last player logged in when it goes down.  I am looking into why it is happening.  
  • I did go to a new area to get 1.8 chunks to load, so that might be the reason.  Coords of the area I'm in are roughly (-16375, -15865).
  • sounds like trying to explore may be crashing it.  for right now please dont try to explore new things till i can figure it out
  • :( Ok. Any idea on how I can get out of there?  I can't stay logged in long enough to tp out.
  • you should spawn at spawn now
  • Unfortunately, I spawned in the village I was in before.
  • updated server let me know of any issues that still may be occuring
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