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Road Construction

I submit that we should build roads from near spawn to the 4 cardinal directions to serve as highways for newbies to travel along. The highways would be built in such a way as to help protect the players from mobs etc.  Newbie huts could be placed at various points to assist players.  The huts could have basic supplies and a garden for new players to harvest and replant. I'll gladly work on it and donate my mats but I am positive i don't have the mats or the ability to build it all on my own.  I am asking for a road crew to get with me on this and for players to donate mats needed.  Who is with me?

An example of the road can be viewed a /res tp fugarwe


  • Sign me up. Ill come and look at the road see what I think.
  • if anyone needs permissions or anything to make this happen let me know
  • I have begun work on the first road.  I's like to make a plaza where I started the road to concect to the two road going perpendicular to the first.  This road has begun south of spawn as the northern exit is right in extreme hills and not conducive to a good start. People who want to join please post here or place a sign at the beginning of the road. I will try to coordinate some sort of construction party.
  • Cool! Ive built a little bit around spawn, and have started some paths leading away so I will continue on those. I was also thinking we should add some water pools or slime pads to help get people off of the cliffed sides of spawn.
  • Fug next time your online witg me ill get you a few DC of cobble to use. You are alone on the sheep shearing though that would drive me crazy.
  • I'd like to help out with the plaza too.
  • If you'd like to build a square or plaza for the roads to start from that would be great

  • made more progress, is anybody joining
  • back in business.. changed over to a wood style road. Renewable trees are better than having to cook cobble or silk touch stone.
  • i'll build the newbie hut so i need perms

  • This topic is dead but anyway there is now more road.
  • Noticed your road is getting close to my area. I have a small road system that can be linked up. I can build a bridge/tunnel connection between my area and your road ending at 477, -480.  There are two other points you can build off of.  First one is at  552,240.  The second one is at 938, -235.  From this second point, to get around my wife Divenchi36's area and Hyro's, please go from there to past 938, -185, then turn East. This should take you along Divenchi36's southern wall.
  • My destroyer looks awesome on the map!!
  • edited April 2016
    New roads look awesome!
  • I can't take credit for most of that section, it was already there when I started building except for the bit in the first picture that I built to connect it to the main road.
  • ah thanks I was the one who built the roads Island_Joe was talking about... The reason I built the road was actually to connect my base to the nearest desert so I could mine sand and produce glass for a giant dome, but I never finished the last part of the road because I got busy with something else instead :P
  • Such is minecraft. My property is a giant conglomerate of unfinished projects :(
  • Go and focus on one and finish it then!
  • But there is so many new projects to start!
  • True, go your own way then!
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