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Sub 1 minute 30 level public farm

I have a farm that I would be glad to make public that gets you level 30 in under one minute.  However, I need help fine tuning it as it doesn't work in the most advantageous way. I can verify the 30 levels but I want it to work even better.  If someone would like to work with me to fine tune it i would truly appreciate it. Please let me know if you'd like to help tune it in.


  • Daaaamn 1 min for 30 levels?? Fugarwe is OP.
  • sadly exp orbs are derping out in game and I can't get the lift to function properly.. gotta have someone work with me on fine tuning as when I turn it on it doesn't get turned off until i leave the area which means i can't see where its failing

  • Saw a few people stop by, was afk for supper. I"ll be on for awhile longer tonight.
  • I seriously think I'm going to break my item sorter.. good godfrey
  • definitely overpowered the sorter in a massive way

  • Well, here are some numbers from a broke item sorter.  The item flow was too much for the hopper system and did not collect the zombie flesh as it could not even keep up with the ingots. In the end with one hopper line it collected 43 gold blocks 1 gold bar and 7 ingots. This was on a one hour smoke test of the item sorting system. There is no doubt that it does 30 levels in roughly a minute. Hopefully someone wants to help fine tune it and we can collect that exp as well as improve the item collection and sorting. 
  • Thanks for making this available to the server.
  • The warp has been created.  It is "grinder".  I will be finishing the ladder and jump off tonight or tomorrow.  From there I hope to be able to have the whole of it added to a residence to prevent griefing. From there it is open to everyone.  Please be courteous, if you use gold from the farm try to afk there at times to make sure others have some gold available to. As always if you afk, please do not stand directly over the exp shaft so that other may use it if you are not there. Ty
  • Not sure how it happened, but something's wrong with the grinder.  I'm not exactly sure how it's supposed to work, but some of the pistons seem off.  In addition, at least 1 slime block is missing and the item sorter seems to be clogged.  I've put some slime blocks in with the snowballs if someone knows how to fix it.
  •     It also doesn't process gold ingots anymore.
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