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Can i get my residence moved?

My build has expanded up to the boundaries of my residence. Future projects need more of a similar biome to expand into. Would it be possible to move Cromwell to another location ?


  • Residence or region. You can move your own res but I can move your region.
  • if you find a spot you would like it moved to; one of the admins can get it moved.  
  • Brb and I located where we'd like to move our build too. To match the shoreline, we also hoped it could be rotated 90 degrees. I made a diagram to show how we'd like it moved. The sides are 

    Thanks! Hope that the diagram is clear enough.
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    8:43 AM CCGame Server appears to have stopped responding
    8:50 AM CCGame Server appears to have stopped responding
    8:52 AM CCGame Server appears to have stopped responding

    its been transferred there may still be a few little things that need to be fixed up.  there is a temporary warp there /warp newcromwell.  let me know of any issues
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    I will check it out and let you know.

    Ok bad news. It is great in all regards that I saw except it is 6 blocks lower than it is supposed to be. D;
  • have fun landscaping?
  • If the ocean was not 6 blocks higher than my build I'd say ya. No rush though so let's get it done when we both have time.
  • Also me and Zedekiah want to make a donation for the hassle how do we?
  • donation button is on the bottom of the forums
  • How much is the server costing monthly.
  • The dedicated server i have costs $60 a month; but the minecraft server is not the only thing running on it.  
  • try out /warp cromwell
  • I'll have to try later I won't have access for most of today.
  • i got bored this morning and did "some" landscaping for you
  • edited February 2015
    wish I could get stuff moved, but don't have way of donating stuff :(

    is it possible to mail money or something?

  • Thank you that will work :D. I know have hours of landscaping HOURS!!!!! and Night crafter I needed my buiild moved because I had Mesa on all sides making expanding my full build impossible without way to much work. I did not have to donate for this but I wanted to due to the work involved on Ubu's side. 
  • I want to move malevolent, because it ended up on an island, and expanding the full build is impossible without millions of sand and other shtuff
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