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Minecraft Server Status

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Server down?

I am unable to log in and Zedekiahcromwell is having the same issue.

Error occurred while contacting login servers, are they down?

I am able to connectto other servers though.


  • It is saying the same thing. Again I can connect to other minecraft servers just not ours.
  • something was weird its fixed now
  • Then why is nobody ever on :(
  • D : I feel the pain Gryph but at least we still all see each other occasionally.We could start advertising more but I am worried with how often admins and mods (me included) are around it would be hard to get new people to stay.
  • I agree with brb that if we are going to advertise, we should plan ahead as a server to do it at a time where players can consistently spend some time online. The last time we advertised there were plenty of newcomers, but not enough players or mods to engage them, and they disconnected. Plus spawn hadn't been set up at that point either. 

    My point is that I think advertising could work, but only if we plan for it ahead of time. 
  • Exactly. We have several pretty regular players and then several more irregulars now so when is a time we can all or most of us actually be around?
  • Server is down again. Sorry for the hassel.
  • its back up hit me up on irc next time it happens
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