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Attempting to advertise (rough draft in comments)

I have been collecting pictures of some of the nice builds on the server or some of our public areas such as spawn our the nether farm konungr1 built. If anyone has pics to add let me know I will post the album later tonight. The first draft needs work but I typed it up before classes so let me know what to do to make it more appealing.

We are a mostly vanilla server running only add-ons for anti
grieving and residencies. Most of our players have been on this server
for several years and little attempt to bring fresh residents in have
been attempted in the past; due to this we have slowly lost members as
they move on to other projects in life. We would like to have any
friendly player join us who is willing to be a part of a great
community. Our rules are pretty typical such as no  PvP unless both
parties agree to it in the over-world, no griefing, overall don't be
mean. We understand joining a new server can be frustrating as one must
find food and tools before you may start enjoying yourself, and we try
to help out by providing tools, food, and horses for any player that
wants them.

We have a public nether grinder that can
get a player to level 30 in under a minute, and several players have
grinders that are often open to other players to use.

the full set of rules please visit ; and
if interested in joining feel free to join our forum at

Server Ip:

Any questions I will be happy to address thank you.


  • Sounds good to me.  To clarify, my nether grinder is timed at 3 min, mostly because it stalls due to chunk updates (tp to netherfarm to check it out).  Fugarwe's farm is supposed to be 1 min.  As far as I know, there is no tp to his.
  • I posted to reddit after fixing the grammer and poorly chosen words. Have a look at
  • Mine can be as quick as 1 minute, sometimes longer.  I truly don't care if its public. If someone wants to make a warp to it, that would be fine.  I don't have any res tp's left since i also own minigames.  I would suggest adding minigames to the ad and possibly a link to playing the games there since none of them are made with command blocks.  I'm gladly willing to help at any point and any way to help the server grow again.
  • also, mine needs finalizing ie elevator and mob reset.  As for spawn, I am considering doing a rail build rather than roads but would need iron to make it happen.
  • If you get me a couple pictures of your builds id appreciate it. You will know what the best area for a picture is all the other ones I just took flying by.
  • That looks great. I'm so glad we're getting advertised again!
  • we have had a couple new players already.
  • We are now on the front page or r/mcservers so if people can be on to help new players that would be great, I will try to be as much as i can

  • cleaned up spawn for awhile, got ubu to set warp to grinder.  currently semi afk at grinder to get gold to finish.
  • can we spruce up the spawn interior? the wool ladder is a bit disconcerting.  could swank it up a bit.  
  • I'll make it my nights project
  • Ive been on vacation and will be for a few more days, then I'll try to spend some more time online once I'm back.
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