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Newbie shack

Can I get help from a admin to make a auto refill on the chests since 3 will be gone quickly. Please also make it abuse free so that people can come yet once. Thanks


  • Typically we don't allow chests to be auto filled. It detracts from the feel of a survival mostly vanilla server. Also abuse happens but it allows an easy way to catch people who will be a problem later. Although it is up to Admins we really can't do it. The community will help keep it stocked. What are you low on?
  • hoppers + 20 double chests can las ta while
  • i'm going to say no to auto-filling it.  It will have to be manually restocked.  
  • so you cant make it abuse free?

  • We have very limited add ons in order to keep it a mostly vanilla server. Ask next time I'm on and I'll explain in detail why we don't have ways to do it.
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