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Minecraft Server Status

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I think I've been here for quite a while,so is it possible i could be a "res"
Thanks for looking!


  • We typically ask an applicant to tell us a bit about themselves such as how long you have been playing minecraft and plans for projects that you have. Other than that its been great having you so you have my vote.
  • ive been playing minecraft for like 6 years 
  • Titus a Resident app will include various info about your builds/activity on the server, why you want to be a resident, etc. Pictures of builds are also encouraged. The app doesn't have to be anything crazy, just something that helps the other residents who have not played with you decide their vote.

    But yea Titus has been a great player to have around the server so I vote Yes.
  • I'm currently working on a castle. the building just started today after a little preparing! many of you have seen the area i cleared on in my residence.
  • please reapply when you have been on the server for more than 2 weeks
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