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New Map Testing

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The new map Cities is open for Community Craft players to start testing.  There is an economy plugin setup on the server.  This server is under testing and may have some issues.  

To connect: /server cities 

Please let Ubuntuguru know of any issues


  • Ireland looks like Siberia, Russia D:
  • how do you get back?
  • /server survival
  • I have added the ability to create regions to protect you builds.  Use the link below for a brief overview of how to use it.  
  • Cool... are there any specific rules for this map above and beyond the current ones on survival?
  • standard rules apply... there is a city theme to this server that will be established when it is fully live
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    Do we use the same world edit in the main server?
  • That is a cool world map.  Is there a way to rotate the whole thing 90 degrees clockwise (or get our mapper to display it that way)?

    If we want to try to keep it to actual cities, we may need to limit construction to agreed-on areas - otherwise people will just build whatever and wherever.  The easiest way I can think of to do it is to set everyone's build access to false by default, and then set large regions where build perms are given.  If anyone's doing a highway system, they would get global build access.

    Scale may be an issue, for instance if we built a city in TX or CA it would probably end up one city that spans most of the state, or a Tokyo that would cover all of Japan.
  • Im not sure if overviewer can rotate the map.

    Only "Cities" will get public portals/tp's setup.  That is how im going to try and get players to build cities together.  The map is there for a cool factor... If anyone wants to make a city to the map scale(1:1500) That would be silly.  

    Spawn is going to be a ship or ships in the ocean, brbdogsonfire is kinda leading the project on that.  There is a hub/lobby server in the works that will make it easier for players to chose.  
  • Let me know if you want to build Atlantis.  :)
  • Or R'lyeh.  Similar concept, just less friendly.
  • I honestly have no ideas for the ship currently so I am open to suggestions.
  • Maybe something along the lines of the Mayflower?  We are "colonizing" the world after all.
  • Ubu mentioned wanting multiple ships, so how about the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria?

  • Hmm, honestly I like the idea of colony ships, let me look up a few era's of ships and see what we can do.

  • I don't like the idea of colony ships, because I'm Native. Do the math. I am done working on the spawn project unless a different idea is proposed, preferably one that doesn't refer to the beginning of a long history of genocide. 
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    Hi, I am an edited comment. 
  • Ummmm... ok.... maybe then something along the lines of the freighters that brought immigrants to Ellis Island and other parts of the world?
  • How about instead of a boat we build the spaceship that the aliens arrived on when they invented the Mississippi river?
  • H2Bee: If we built a spawn based on real ships, we would probably want to put up a display explaining what they were.  If we did that, and wanted to choose colony ships, would the opportunity to talk about that history in a highly-visible display help?  Otherwise it would be like building the Amistad without including the slave pens in the hold.

    If we do too much to avoid builds that have negative connotations, we won't have many options left - for instance, I'm of Irish descent, which effective excludes anything remotely British.  It would also eliminate any kind of voyages of discovery (since genocide is a common result of exploration), and would render everything from pirate ships to military vessels offensive because of what they actually did.  We couldn't even build a trireme, since those were what helped the Romans to obliterate almost every local culture in Europe.  We definitely couldn't build any Spanish exploration ships, since they were the ones who brought the plagues that wiped out most of North America in the first place.  But all of those are historically important, and all are ideal builds that could make someone angry if they put too much thought into it.
  • We will not do a colony ship. I'll stop the current build which is fine I messed it up anyway.
  • Would could go all the way back to the beginning and put up a spawn at Olduvai, or somewhere along the east side of the Great Rift.
  • how about you guys build the black pearl?
  • I think we should go with the roman trireme. Europe was kinda asking for it in that time period. Or maybe the aircraft carrier from fallout 3
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