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residency vote

edited April 2016 in Resident App
I have been playing a while I was thickening  i need resents    


  • Excuse my step-sons misspellings, but when we go to edit his post, it gives a "page not found" error.

  • Batman and Superman are DC.  Spider Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man are Marvel.  Those are two competing companies, which means I will never get to see a movie that includes them all.  I resent that.

    It's been years, and Minecraft still doesn't have toilets or plumbing systems in survival mode.  I deeply resent that.

    I'll vote Yes for residency, though.
  • I vote yes, however as he is my spawn, I am very biased. The boy really has been playing on this server for a while, longer than myself and Bob.
  • I vote yes. He had been on the server for a long time, took a bit of a break, and is wanting to get back at it. Oh, and he is my step-son, but I think he fits right in.
  • I think he's good to come in. I vote yes
  • And I'll vote yes as well. Welcome to the server!
  • Congrats you have the 5 votes required!! Welcome to the family!
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