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Proposal for new zoo animals


For a while now I have been looking for solutions to be able to have some monsters in my zoo.  Biggest issue I have faced it the butcher command killing any spiders or bats I might capture and rename, At one time Ubu's solution to this was to put a spawner in each enclosure so I can just respawn the three monsters I would want to have, the spider, cave spider, and bat.  I already have one in the spider enclosure, but it only spawns pigs (which can be fixed by using a spider egg on the spawner).  I have two other spawners on my res (another spider one and a zombie one) that can be "moved" to the bat and cave spider enclosures, and then set to the proper monster using eggs.  Let me know if and when this could be done.  Thanks!


  • Oh, and a zombie horse would be nice if it still exists....
  • How many of each monster do you want in the areas?
  • Well, the idea is that with the spawner, I can repopulate each enclosure after a butcher command wipes them out. I would probably stick with two or so in each enclosure, subzone the area so I don't get monsters spawning in other parts of the zoo when I need to repopulate.
  • k I'll be on tonight if you want to tell me where to place stuff
  • edited June 2016
    Zombie horses still exist. Also me and Pyro_Clasm know of commands to make spawners if someone can use them. Technically you could make a horse that is invulnerable.
  • invulnerability wouldnt stop butcher as im pretty sure it just removes them not does damage to kill them
  • So, will this ever happen?

  • Do you want me to make spawners for the animals? That won't be difficult if that's what your asking about.
  • Yes, that is what I was wanting to do, a spawner in each cage. So that way if butcher kills them I can respawn them without bothering people.

  • Ok I'll try and remember to get on tomorrow night to do it.
  • sounds good

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