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1.8 is here

edited December 2014 in News
Spigot has released a 1.8 version. Unfortunately I have no clue on where we are at for plugin compatibility. Currently I'm on generator backup with no internet and unable to do any testing to see when we can upgrade to 1.8. Hopefully we can get updated within the next week or so.


  • Thanks for the headsup.
  • The dev server "/server dev"  is running a full 1.8 client.  Anyone is welcome to test it out and let me know of any issues.  
  • server is now running 1.8 :) please let me know of any issues
  • I've tried a few things and it seems to be working fine.  We'll have to load new areas to find an underwater temple won't we?
  • Not sure if this was intentional or not but you can fly everywhere.  As long as you go into a res that has fly, you can fly anywhere even if you leave the res.  I've tested it and it lets you fly unlimited in the Overworld, Nether, and the End.
  • sounds like a plugin issue ill take a look at it when i can... in the meantime have fun flying
  • Placing Armor Stands fails in residences with the -monsters flag. They can't be removed in residences with the -damage flag.
  • residence hasn't updated yet unfortunately...
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