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  • Night_Crafter
    What times are you normally on?
    May 2016
  • Night_Crafter
    You should get on
    October 2015
  • Megamantrinity
    I am a more mature gamer who has spent a great deal of his life being the upholder of rules and the one people go to for clarification on rules. Such as it is, I don't often break rules, and so when I'm reprimanded for no reason, it really irks me. One of the staff thought it would be a funny joke to kick me from the server for "Shaddap". I see the humor in it, but I have never been kicked from a server, or even reprimanded for my actions. I'm of course not against the concept, but if I don't deserve it, it really gets under my skin. I sent a message to Ubu asking for his opinion on the matter, and depending on his answer, I may or may not return. 
    May 2015
  • Welcome Aboard!
    September 2014