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I am not wearing any pants. I refuse to accept your conformist acceptance of social mores. I'm wearing shoes and a shirt though, because I want to be allowed into restaurants.


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  • Good on everything except the purple.  That verges on unacceptability and forced exile.  Great app otherwise. I vote yes.
  • Fun Facts #2281: Did you know that excessively-hot chili burns as much coming out as it does going in?
    in HI Comment by ehickey December 2017
  • Howdy?
    in HI Comment by ehickey November 2017
  • Hi
    in HI Comment by ehickey November 2017
  • Agreed.
  • I can stay logged in during part of the workday to help with coverage, but it would help if anyone knows a way to get the client to make a noise or alert me when someone logs in (since I won't have much time to play or monitor it).
    in Gosh Guys Comment by ehickey August 2017
  • I noticed the 1.12 client can't log in.  I guess it's update time again.  There's also a remaining (but minor) LWC issue dating from the last update.  Beyond that I noticed no issues the last few times I was on. If you mean the number of people, I'm…
    in Gosh Guys Comment by ehickey June 2017
  • There is an LWC update available, if we want to try it.
  • The problem occurs on placement of any container (furnaces, chests, dispensers, etc), and happens anywhere on the map (not just in her region). She had a similar issue last year, but I don't know what was done to solve it.  The last MC client update…
  • I accept all blame.  A burning in effigy can be arranged if necessary.
  • Upgrading mc server is easy, it's those plugins that make it so much of a nightmare..
  • I had to turn animal spawning on to spawn the animals, but turned it back on (in case you had a reason for it).  Spawning being off shouldn't eliminate existing animals. If you can tell me where your donation box is, I can put some eggs in there.   …
  • You've now got a wolf and 2 ocelots.  I'm unable to spawn polar bears for some reason (no error, they just never appear).
  • Try now, I fixed perms on a bunch of them.  There is one up at the top (right underneath the glass structure on the roof) next to the little hole in the center.    There is another near the front that says "Iron", one level down from the roof.  It's…
    in Iron Comment by ehickey October 2016
  • There should still be a bunch of iron in the inventory system at the top of my temple (/warp temple).  They should all be set to public access and others have made use of it, so most of it is probably gone now - but feel free to raid what's left. It…
    in Iron Comment by ehickey October 2016
  • I'll be there tonight, in case anyone shows up.  If anyone does, tonight will mostly just be a test for any ideas we come up with.  The room is purposefully minimalistic (no entry areas, no nasty lava traps, etc), though we can add to it as we go. I…
  • I just gave it a restart, and it seems to be running pretty well right now. Residence (the plugin) seems to be the main issue right now.  It spits out scary looking Java errors even when it's working right, and may be the cause of the memory issues …
  • I haven't successfully connected in a while.  I've tried a number of different versions of the client, but I never get a server response.  It sounds like some people do get on, so I must be hitting it at the wrong times.
    in Yo Comment by ehickey July 2016
  • Ubu: Is there any particular help you could use right now?  You probably don't want a bunch of people monkeying with your works, but you've got extra manpower (of variable skill levels) if you need it.
    in Server Down Comment by ehickey May 2016
  • Duct tape won't be craftable until the 1.9.5 release.  It will use string and glue (which will be craftable from a new carcass item that horses will drop).
  • Every time Mojang updates, MC admins tremble.  The term BOHICA comes to mind. We don't have many plugins that would impact map saves.  We have Simple-AutoSave, which could potentially cause map issues, and LogBlock (which can write to the map but is…
  • The server list reports it as down, but I'm able to get in (1.9.4 client) if I connect anyway.. Just to verify, is everyone is hitting the test server ( and not the original?
    in Server Down Comment by ehickey May 2016
  • Post away.  If it's done I can snag some video of it in use if you like.
  • Most of us will respond well to a "get off the box for a minute while I fix something".
    in Server Down Comment by ehickey May 2016
  • 1.9.4 login works for me.
    in Server Down Comment by ehickey May 2016
  • I can get in on both 1.9 and 1.9.2. No problems on 1.9.  The server reports as down on the 1.9.2 client, but login is fine if you ignore that and click on it anyway.
    in Server Move Comment by ehickey May 2016
  • That new server?
  • Works on 1.9.2.  A few plugins are disabled, but otherwise everything looks normal so far.
  • Could not connect to default or fallback server: It does that on both 1.9 and 1.9.2.  Server status does show as up.
  • It doesn't seem to be homing in on index.php on it's own - the file has to be given explicitly in the url.  It's trying to present the document root, which isn't going to happen. One command you can add to your nginx config under location /: index i…
  • It was up as of late last night.  It was just a test, with no plugins, so it was very temporary.
  • I have gotten a little lag, at least a few bursts right around 4:05.  Nothing beyond that.
  • The server works fine so far.  No lag, though there's just me.
  • Tom__Swift has now been promoted to Resident. Hopefully we'll get to see what an engineering student can do with Redstone.
  • Having already seen their work, I vote yes.
  • It's up for me, either due to chance or UbuMagic.
  • Try it.  Rename your \AppData\Roaming\.minecraft folder, then change what "Game Directory" uses, then see if it creates a new .minecraft folder or uses your old one.
  • You still have to install Java no matter what else you do. Previously you could give a working path explicitly when calling minecraft.jar, but the new loader system changed all that.  There may still be a way to do it that way, but I verified the ol…
  • What was clogging it up?  Overfill, or just redstone being unreliable? If it was overfill, you can add an overfill release by pointing a comparitor to the last chest that would fill, and if that lights up it triggers a dropper to eject material from…
  • So did you have to roll it back, or did the unholy operation completely fail on its own? The map looked like it went back to just a few minutes before The Incident, so I'm curious if that was you or if changes from shortly before just weren't writte…
  • You would see one end at /warp metropolis, and I think the other is res div_home - if I'm right about what happened.
  • You remember that block I made for you?  Later I made another block at my place, except the click to select the second corner failed - meaning that the second corner (of the block) was still in your area. You can imagine the result.
  • Yes, apparently I did, and I suspect I have a big mess to clean up as soon as it's back up. I may have to do a big rollback to right before it went down. I think I just made a quartz block roughly the size of two continents.
  • You need to find the Barry White record (item id DSKBW0017) and build a jukebox to play it near the rabbit hutch.   BW records spawn only if a skeleton archer is killed by lightening while surrounded by three exploding creepers, and only at the stro…
  • I vote yes.
    in Res app Comment by ehickey April 2016
  • Batman and Superman are DC.  Spider Man, Wolverine, and Iron Man are Marvel.  Those are two competing companies, which means I will never get to see a movie that includes them all.  I resent that. It's been years, and Minecraft still doesn't have to…
  • I still see "Outdated Server", and can only connect as a 1.9.0 client, though Spigot shows a 1.9.2 snapshot on /version.
  • I had to downgrade my client to 1.9 (not 1.9.1) to get it to work. To downgrade, bring up the profile selection screen (when you first start the client but before starting the game), choose Edit Profile, then set your client version to 1.9 and Save …
  • I'll provide a fourth. Considering that activity is low, we can be lax about the 5-upvote requirement. If his Hobbit Castle meets proper Shire code (sturdy entrance, at least 50% under ground, minimum of 15 pantries and 4 kitchens) then that should …
  • That is entirely too many e's.  Stop that.
  • I had to kiss a web server's 625 day uptime goodbye today.  I made a half-hearted attempt to convince a tech to try to replace the raid card while the system was still running, but for some reason he wouldn't even consider it.
  • Let the Altar of Ubu bring storms and darkness.  Bonus points if the storm/night never ends until someone visits Cluck Cluck's altar. It would be nice to be able to put an altar on a timer and have the sacrifices be to hold back whatever it does, bu…
  • If we build such an altar, it should be in the form of a giant chicken.  Cluck Cluck demands flesh.
  • Right now, just in my head.  It's doable and it was an idea that came up before (except back then it was meant to sacrifice sheep).  The main mechanism is just a command block that triggers on the presence of a player within a few blocks of it (insi…
  • Sacrificial altar that clears storms and turns night into day.  All someone has to do is jump in, a command block detects their presence and triggers a horrible death, then time and weather gets set.  Good clean fun.
  • I have a sketch up at /warp arena1.  It's just an idea (four fighting platforms, with contestants all dropped in at the same time) to try out the design. It's organized into levels (like in a stadium), with the top level housing the control room.  T…
  • Unarmed gladiatorial combat, with occasional variety, designed to attract new players (and give them a reason to keep coming back). Put two people on a tiny platform over a lethal drop, and let them duke/shove it out until someone dies or falls.  No…
  • I'm done with classes, all my work projects have entered the testing phase (meaning I don't have to do jack if none of my work breaks), and most importantly I think I've almost finished squeezing every drop of content that I can out of Fallout, so I…
  • Offer Wither skulls and Enderdragon eggs.  What could possibly go wrong?
  • I never acknowledge one major holiday until after the previous major holiday has passed. Except for April 1st.  I begin preparing for the next one starting on April 2nd.
  • Houston has largely gotten away with some street and bayou flooding.  No deaths or major injuries reported, probably due in part to all of the people who graciously sacrificed their cars to appease the rain gods (by trying to drive down flooded stre…
  • I think we need a group project.  Something organizationally simple that doesn't rely on any individuals to get it done, so it's not crippled as people come and go and participation can be casual.  Some kind of overriding design and oversight, but w…
  • Only Cluckcluck is real.  All other chickens are just instanced references to His All-Clucking Glory.
    in Uhm, Ye Comment by ehickey August 2015
  • We don't actually allow women to vote here, at least not until Mojang (or MS) releases an official Sufferage Patch, so you're still at 3 votes.
    in Uhm, Ye Comment by ehickey August 2015
  • I'll provide the fifth yes vote.  Ok technically the third - Ubu's vote was indeterminate (superposition of yes/no) and Atheria only suggested that she'd vote yes.
    in Uhm, Ye Comment by ehickey August 2015
  • LordBobX: R'lyeh at x:7562, z:12382? The ocean is shallow, but that can be fixed very easily.
  • Tambien, yo no estoy vestiedo pantalones, y mi espanol es muy muy malo.
  • Mi perra es muy gordo, pero ella puede movarse rápidamente cuando oye alimentos. Mi gato, que también es la gordo, se movarse más lento porque su vientre se arrastra por el suelo.
  • Mine moves, it just takes some worldedit commands to move it.
  • Mine is at warp "eboat" on Creative.  I was aiming more for realism than aesthetics.
  • I think it's a very very good idea.
  • Bugs had similar issues, except his was delayed - his armor would stick around for a while, then later disappear days or a week or two later.
  • In that case you should be able to make a subzone in your armor room, with mobs spawn turned on just for that room.
  • 1. ehickey2. Launch3. residences "castle", "temple", "prison", "doodle".  I build in bursts.4. None yet5. I promise, with absolute conviction and honesty, that you can trust me completely and without question, and that if I ever do anything depraved…
  • I think you have to spawn a mob in to keep it around, or else it disappears after no one is around for a while.  I can take care of that part once you have containment up.  I learned that the hard way after luring mobs into glass tubes, then finding…
    in My museum Comment by ehickey June 2015
  • That log is a bit like swearing innocence to a murder while covered in blood, even after the crime lab has verified that the perp is a 100% match to the semen found inside the victim's severed head. I don't even care that much about an infraction li…
    in Banned? Comment by ehickey June 2015
  • Instead of deleting a residence in future, it might be better to let an admin set it to no-owner.  You can still be given some permissions on it, but it would no longer be "your" residence and no longer counts against your res count.   This should o…
  • In his defense, he's been a busy builder in the time he's been on.
    in Banned? Comment by ehickey June 2015
  • The only other alternative that I can see is...  he's a witch!
    in Banned? Comment by ehickey June 2015
  • I went and looked too.  We all saw multiple spots where a straight line was aimed at distant diamond (and hit it dead on), combined with side holes targeting iron and other ore that wasn't visible without removing some stone.  It was just too lucky …
    in Banned? Comment by ehickey June 2015
  • That's really cool, particularly the noise and flashing when you change locations. Is it all CommandBlock based?
    in The Tardis Comment by ehickey May 2015
  • Both the res name and her name are case sensitive. If you didn't create a region or have someone else do it, then there's no region issue involved.
  • It's been a while since I fired up Gimp, but I think I still have at least a little of my old skillz.
    in Photoshops Comment by ehickey May 2015
  • Yes.
    in Resident app Comment by ehickey May 2015
  • I've put a lot of thought into this, and I've been swayed by the logic of some of the arguments here. After careful consideration, I think that "chicken" would be the ideal name.
  • Would could go all the way back to the beginning and put up a spawn at Olduvai, or somewhere along the east side of the Great Rift.
  • H2Bee: If we built a spawn based on real ships, we would probably want to put up a display explaining what they were.  If we did that, and wanted to choose colony ships, would the opportunity to talk about that history in a highly-visible display he…
  • Ubu mentioned wanting multiple ships, so how about the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria?
  • I will vote...   ... Hell Yes