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Minecraft Server Status

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The Golden Rule: Don't be a dick

Deadly Sins:  (these are likely to result in a ban)
* Do not use client mods that provide in-game benefit, particularly X-Ray or Flight
* Do not duplicate items
* Do not disobey a direct command from a moderator or administrator

The following are actionable offenses, at moderator discretion.
* Do not damage blocks obviously placed by another player
* Do not remove items from chests you don't own
* Do not use water or lava to interfere with another player's build
* PVP in the Overworld requires mutual consent by both parties
* Do not spam chat (no more than x posts per minute)
* Do not build swastikas, flaming crosses, or other hate symbols
* In the Nether, there are no rules (as long as you don't commit a Deadly Sin)
* No "advertising christmas trees in russia"

If you encounter a player breaking rules please report it to any Staff Member ingame or post it on the forums